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10 Core Thin-wall Multi-core Cable x 50m

AC11110 Core Thin-wall Multi-core Cable x 50m

£198.10 £165.00

10 Core Thin Wall Multi Core Cable Colours: Red. Brown. Green. White. Yellow. Purple. Blue. B…

Battery Cable 60mm² (Not Multi Flexible)

ZZ-AC21Battery Cable 60mm² (Not Multi Flexible)

£61.40 £38.00

Battery Cable 60mm². 415amp (Not Multi Flexible) (not supplied on a reel) 10 metres *Ima…

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Assorted Copper Compression Washers (250)

AT109Assorted Copper Compression Washers (250)

£31.10 £7.85

  250 Assorted Copper Compression Washers (6 - 26mm)   …

Welding Blanket (Heavy Duty)

WR67Welding Blanket (Heavy Duty)

£59.25 £39.50

Welding Blanket (fibreglass 2m x 1m)   Self hemmed and stictched with fibreglass to prevent…

Maintenance Absorbent Socks - Pack of 20

OSP10Maintenance Absorbent Socks - Pack of 20

£39.40 £23.95

Essential spill kit constituent. For pro-active use (stop leaks spreading) and reactive use (on acc…

Assorted Closed End Rivets (400)

AT176Assorted Closed End Rivets (400)

£27.85 £15.95

400 Assorted Closed End Rivets  Contents   100 …

Multifunction, 36 LED Light - Red

LV18Multifunction, 36 LED Light - Red

£36.70 £24.95

  36 LED Light - Red, 12/24v (Clear lens, Colured LED's). 70mm x 70mm Multi function: Can be …

Multifunction, 36 LED Light - White

LV19Multifunction, 36 LED Light - White

£36.70 £24.95

  36 LED Light - White, 12/24v (Clear lens). 70mm x 70mm Multi function: Can be configured as…

Multifunction, 36 LED Light - Blue

LV20Multifunction, 36 LED Light - Blue

£36.70 £24.95

  36 LED Light - Blue, 12/24v (Clear lens, Colured LED's), 70mm x 70mm Multi function: Can be…

250w Electric Grass Trimmer (strimmer)

GAR1250w Electric Grass Trimmer (strimmer)

£24.45 £13.50

Electric grass trimmer Packed in one full colour high gloss box Comes with safety shield for e…

IP67 waterproof colour camera

TL379IP67 waterproof colour camera

£44.15 £34.95

Mini IP67 waterproof colour camera with super-thin 9mm head and 1m flexible tube. Easy visual ins…

Xenon Strobe Light

LV26Xenon Strobe Light

£22.15 £15.00

  12-110v strobe lights 60+/-10 flashes per minute 300mA on 12v systems 35mA on 110v sy…

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